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Streaming & video

Access HBO Max anytime and anywhere

We designed uVPN as the best VPN for HBO Max. Watch only top-notch movies, series and shows with the same day premieres.

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Extend the Netflix library, don't be limited by geo-restrictions, choose any movie you wish. Just try it out and discover why uVPN is Netflix VPN.

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Forget about any limitations - get free access to Disney plus and its fantastic library of Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars & 20th Century Fox movies.

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Stream best movies on Amazon Prime Video - with one subscription you get many benefits for free delivery, shopping, streaming, music and Twitch.

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Get the best YouTube VPN and open the whole YouTube TV library. Throw away ISP bandwidth throttling and watch YouTube TV VPN with the best quality only.

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Watch sports all in one ESPN Plus streaming service with help of uVPN. ESPN is proven to be the best sports outlet and a VPN opens the entrance to it.

Get MLB TV VPN to watch baseball anytime

VPN for lets watch your favorite team playing baseball and it doesn’t even matter where ever you are. Connect to uVPN MLB TV and enjoy.

Unblock Pornhub Premium with VPN service

Connect to the Pornhub VPN server to change your IP and unblock XNXX, XVIDEOS & other exciting VOD services. Use Pornhub downloader with uVPN.

Use a VPN for streaming Hotstar India

Disney+ Hotstar is the Indian daughter of Disney Plus, mostly targeting Indians that are overseas, but with a VPN everyone can enjoy Hotstar.

Unblock Youku with VPN and watch it anytime

Watch Youku English version with Google page translate. Unblock all Youku free TV shows, movies, videos and streams with only one VPN service.

Use your 7 days of free VPN for BBC iPlayer USA

Access your favorite British detective series & british mystery series and other BBC shows, movies, news and live sports with BBC iPlayer VPN.

Unblock Twitch with the best free VPN for streaming

Get free Twitch access to watch your favorite streamers without annoying stuttering and buffering, get every Twitch Prime loot and download Twitch clips.

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How to get a VPN

uVPN has everyting you need a VPN for. Start your free internet journey: get over geo-restrictions, bypass government blockers, unblock websites, get rid of ISP throttling and spying.

  1. Choosea uVPN subscription.
  2. Start your free trial.
  3. Connect to the server location or server for streaming.
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How to get a VPN

Why uVPN?

No logs

No logs

We have a no-log policy, which means we do not log your browser activity & history, your connection details and apps usage.

All platforms

All platforms

uVPN is available on all major devices and browsers: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera.

7-day free trial

7-day free trial

You have up to 7 days to try out uVPN and decide for yourself whether you want to stick with us for longer.

Up to 10 devices

Up to 10 devices

Install uVPN on every device at home and work, share your subscription with every family member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to bypass restrictions and other VPN questions you might be interested in

Does VPN make you anonymous?

Every VPN service describes itself as an anonymous tool to surf the internet. But in many situations, most VPNs can leak your IP and data, therefore, your anonymity. For the best experience, we recommend you to use only a trusted and reliable VPN, for example, uVPN makes you anonymous and known for the best service.

How to change Netflix region without VPN?

You can only try an in-build system or browser proxy to change Netflix region without VPN. For the best experience, to bypass Netflix region restriction, it’s better to use special undetected Netflix VPN servers for streaming provided by uVPN. Unblock Websites easily with the best website unblocked by uVPN.

How to use Netflix with VPN?

First of all, you need a working and good VPN unblocker with unrestricted Netflix access. uVPN stands out from the rest of the services, we know for sure that uVPN servers are not blacklisted.

3 steps to use Netflix with VPN:
– run uVPN – secure VPN service
– connect to Netflix US VPN server
– watch unlimited Netflix library
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Do I need a VPN in 2022?

With a coronavirus quarantine that lasts for 2 years, internet privacy and a VPN became a part of our everyday life. The answer is yes, you need a VPN in 2022, as well as any other person on the Planet. Secure VPN will protect your online identity, hide IP address, and will make sure you are protected from data snoopers and safe from hackers. A good VPN will encrypt your traffic so no one can breach your privacy.

Is using VPN illegal?

Using a VPN is absolutely legal in most countries. You can unblock websites, hide IP, change location, conceal your online activity without fear of breaking the law in your country. But some VPNs might be blocked by the government to lower the awareness of the people.

What is the best free VPN?

The best free VPN should be able to hide your IP address, change real location, unblock websites, encrypt data, income and outcome traffic. The best free VPN, like uVPN, will provide you with private internet access and fast VPN connection speed. Though, we do not recommend using a fully free VPN, as a good VPN needs a constant source of money to provide the required level of service. The privacy and security service won’t be on the same level as paid VPN. Some free VPN might sell your personal data or increase attack vulnerability.

What is the best country for Netflix?

Netflix has different movie libraries in different countries. Considering this, the United States is the best country for Netflix. Because it has one of the largest Netflix library with all the Netflix exclusives, popular movies and shows. Watch Lucifer and Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix with uVPN. To get access to Netflix US, you have to unblock Netflix with VPN by connecting to the special streaming server in the uVPN streaming tab.