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uVPN for Mac

Our VPN app for MacOS is lightning fast, secure and easy to use. In many ways, like the MacOS software for which it was developed, it is incredibly simple. Add to your device the same nice VPN app as uVPN.

Download VPN for Mac

Enjoy any streaming content from any service everywhere

We develop and support special VPN servers created for streaming services —  no more notifications asking you to disable your VPN proxy. Get rid of restrictions and unblock every series, show and movie. Watch Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Hulu and many more services around the world.

Enjoy any streaming content from any service everywhere

Protect your Mac device while using public networks

Our VPN proxy master uses the latest encryption technology, it will highly increase your Mac security. Our strong VPN allows you to establish a public Wi-Fi hotspot internet connection with maximum protection, so you could connect to any free hotspot and feel safe in places like bars, airports and restaurants.

Protect your Mac device while using public networks

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you might be interested in.

How to download VPN for Mac?

Three simple steps and the download file will be on your Mac:
1. Choose your favourite VPN
2. Go to a VPN website
3. Find the download button and download a VPN for Mac
We recommend you to download uVPN, as we are sure it’s protected and free of any malware soft.

Can I change IP address with VPN for Mac?

VPN allows you to change IP address and hide from unwanted attention, but you have to come up with your head to choose the right service and application. Such high-quality VPNs like uVPN provide a full specter of apps and features to fully satisfy the needs of the user.

How to use VPN on Mac?

uVPN on Mac is very easy to use. Download, install and open the application on your Mac device. All that is left to do is to tap that start button and choose from the wide range of locations to connect.