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uVPN for Windows

Protect yourself with the Secure VPN for Windows, it's only a click away from you. uVPN has been designed for the latest Windows 10 and is certainly suitable for Windows 7 and 8. Our VPN for Windows 10 is simple and free to install, nice & easy to use and it makes you secure and anonymous with a bunch of useful features.

Download VPN for Windows 10

Simple application. Comprehensive possibilities.

The key parts of uVPN are simple settings and an intuitive interface — not to the detriment of maximum protection. If you want to operate with a wider list of options just open the settings and manage your account to customize it for yourself with a diverse range of features. VPN tunnel allows you to use optimal protocol selection or manually choose between UDP, TCP, IPsec/IKEv2 for your connection, enable Kill Switch to ensure no information is leaking with VPN client.

Simple application. Comprehensive possibilities.

Beyond boundaries with best VPN for Windows 10

With a VPN for Windows, you are just one click away to open all borders and opportunities — it’s that easy-to-use! Touch VPN connect button to unblock the internet restrictions. Untie your hands, dive into the world of open doors, and browse privately and securely. You are free to choose the way you go, no one can block your path and put pressure on you because your PC protected by uVPN for Windows 10!

Beyond boundaries with best VPN for Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you might be interested in.

How to watch Netflix with VPN for Windows?

To watch Netflix with VPN for Windows you just need to install uVPN, open it and connect to the Netflix streaming server. uVPN is Netflix VPN. It designed to unblock Netflix restrictions with no consequences at all, special VPN servers will protect you from blocking and blacklisting your Netflix account. With VPN client for Windows 10 watching Netflix has never been so easy.

What is VPN for Windows?

VPN for Windows is security software that can hide IP and unblock content, but more importantly, it provides extra protection for your Windows device. uVPN for PC stands for the virtual private network and connects you to a server in any country you choose.

How to change IP address on Windows 10?

VPN has many good features, the key feature allows you to hide location, change IP address on Windows 10, and unblock hidden websites and information. To hide IP, simply download & run uVPN and connect to any server.