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Privacy in simple! Privacy in simple! Increase your protection with uVPN

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Private access and data security

No matter what you do online, you need to have true protection before someone can intercept your traffic, breach data security and get access to sensitive information: passwords, messages, emails, credit cards, photos, browser history, etc. With uVPN you will get private internet access and the best internet security, a public Wi-Fi hotspot will never be a problem for you. Now it's safe to make shopping online, unblock websites, check your bank accounts and social networks, whatever you do on the web stays 100% private.

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Private access and data security

High-speed stable VPN connection anywhere you go

Traveling the world or locked in one place? Use all opportunities to get back on track with VPN for travel: open all borders, get rid of censorship and unblock websites wherever you are, just in one click  - it's that easy to use! Watch Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus and many more streaming services, download content, stream music, load any website instantly, and have the advantage of a fast and stable VPN connection, not to the detriment of maximum protection.

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High-speed stable VPN connection anywhere you go

One Subscription. Five Devices. Any Platform.

Start using VPN for every device and platform, have the advantage of online privacy and protection, stay anonymous and get private internet access from your phones, computers and smart electronics, all at the same time. Secure your digital life on iPhone with iOS, on PC with Windows, on Mac notebook with MacOS, on mobile with Android, on a browser with VPN Chrome Extension and more. Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, all you need is only one uVPN subscription.

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One Subscription. Five Devices. Any Platform.

What I can do with uVPN?

VPN is necessary for everything you do online

Relax and stop guessing whether your favorite movie is available in your country

  • Get rid of restrictions and unblock every series, show and movie.
  • Special undetected VPN servers for streaming with great quality.
  • Watch HBO Max, Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Hulu, Twitch and many more.
  • VPN for Streaming on iPhone, Android, Windows, Chrome, Mac and Firefox.

Start your great journey but don't forget to take a VPN with you

  • Make every application and website think that you are connected from home.
  • Travel around the world as far as you want.
  • Feel no pressure connecting to the Internet from your new location.
  • No-log policy, we simply do not log.

Play your favorite online games without second thoughts in mind

  • Unblock games and game content blocked in your region.
  • Get better ping and fewer lags thanks to distance optimisation.
  • Be invulnerable to every DDOS attack.
  • Protect your game accounts and in-game purchases.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are known for their security vulnerability

  • Powerful encryption algorithms at your service.
  • Connect to Public Wi-Fi hotspots with VPN protection.
  • No malware or spy software will hurt you.
  • Feel safe in places like bars, cafes, restaurants, airports, etc.

VPN is essential for torrenting and peer-to-peer (P2P) connection

  • Hide IP address from other peers you connected with.
  • Unblock restricted access to torrent websites.
  • Remove limitations set by your internet provider.
  • Increase your download and upload speeds.

Shopping online is always dangerous, so a VPN will be of immense help

  • Protect your credit card information and bank details.
  • Use a VPN as a location changer to find a better price tag.
  • Make every purchase process safe.
  • Modern online banking apps require an extra layer of protection.

We treat our customers with respect

We really appreciate and respect each and every one of you

30-day money-back guarantee

We guarantee you to do our best to satisfy your needs in anonymity, online privacy and protection. In any case, we always love to oblige you and refund your payment. You take no risks at all.

24/7 Live Chat Customer Support

Our friendly support team is always available for you. Contact us through live chat, submit a ticket or email us directly. Resolve your stubborn problem, troubleshoot or ask us how to start with uVPN.


I’ve been using 2 vpns before, they were free. Well, I could only read website pages and nothing more, no youtube or streaming. That is why I’ve decided to get a

saency Jun 02, 2021

uVPN smooth run is incredible. My iPhone iOS and Mac are grateful to me for using VPN, easy to install & run.

jackuhi Jun 01, 2021

So it was a strange period in my life, or should I say in my phone’s life. From time to time my iPhone X would open some app I never even knew was installed...

Upuwk Mar 04, 2021

I’m using this VPN for 5 months and I loved it from the very beginning. The devs always polish some features and add new stuff from time to time...

Zedroter Mar 15, 2021

Works fine. The speed is good, I don’t really notice any difference in speed when I disconnect from VPN

Elenam_7006 Feb 28, 2021

I decided to give it a try aaaand it works perfectly for me. I’m using UVPN to watch Netflix. No disconnects or errors.

Lilusya Feb 17, 2021

I've had Uvpn for over a year and it has always functioned 100%. No lags, no disconnections. Netflix US is a joy to watch from here in New Zealand.

Julie Crow Oct 01, 2020

Good big service with many servers for me!! Good discount for 1 year subscription!? I am very satisfied...

kleetytyty Feb 20, 2021

My relationship with uVPN started way back when it was a Chrome extension. Now I’m using it on my phone. Good price and excellent service, no problems for me at all.

add1001001 Feb 28, 2021

UVPN is far far better, it has all features I need, like kill switch, separate streaming tab, IKE v2 protocol that fits perfectly for my iPhone, speed and momentum.

Джамиля🌹🌹🌹 Mar 05, 2021

What is a VPN?

Simple explanation for complex technology

VPN stands for the virtual private network and connects you to a server in any country you choose. It provides Internet access from that server and not directly from your device or computer. All sites, apps and services will consider you as a user from the chosen country. This gives you the possibility to hide your real IP address and bypass restrictions. When using a VPN you can: hide your location, secure your device or computer, surf the Internet with no restrictions otherwise applicable to your actual location. Has your government blocked access to some apps, sites or information? The Netflix library is missing your favorite series in your country? Do you want more privacy and security surfing the Internet? VPN can resolve any of the issues.