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uVPN for Android

Android is the most popular and leading mobile operating system for many years now. It's important to improve the security of all Android devices with a high-quality risk-free VPN for Android. Here comes uVPN  - the best free VPN for Android, not only you have a free trial period to test the app, but a 30-day money-back guarantee at any moment you decide.

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Download secure VPN on Android 11, Android 10, Android 9, Android 8, Android 7, Android 6, and Android 5. uVPN works well with old Android devices because it’s a well-structured and simple VPN. That means fast loads and no stuttering even on your old-school mobile phone with the best VPN for Android. Even Samsung VPN will be very handy.

Get any world information instantly

Access content straight from your Android devices in any situation

You will get the best Android VPN service and user-friendly mobile VPN for Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie and more. You can stay safe while traveling, easily choosing a server and knowing that all your communications are safe — no matter where you are in the world at the moment, all thanks to free VPN Android by uVPN.

Access content straight from your Android devices in any situation

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you might be interested in.

Can I use free VPN for Android?

There are a lot of services providing free VPN for Android, but we do not recommend using them. Most free VPNs are untrusted, they provide blacklisted servers and IPs, slow speeds, and data leaking. We suggest you try out secure VPN services with a subscription plan, for example, uVPN offers a free trial period to test and decide for yourself.

Will my Android phone security increase with VPN?

VPN will highly increase your Android phone security with help of a proxy server and data encryption technologies.

What is the best VPN for Android?

Long story short, uVPN is the best VPN for Android out there. Data protection, online privacy, Android security, low prices – you can’t go wrong if you choose our secure Android VPN service.

Can I unblock sites and hide IP with Android VPN?

Yes, you can unblock sites and hide IP with Android VPN. Simply launch our VPN service, connect to the location of your choice and unblock websites. Your IP will be hidden as well.

Is VPN free on Android?

VPN is free on Android and there are much more free Android VPN s that can hide your IP and act as a location changer. But it is preferred to acquire the best VPN with a subscription plan to encrypt data, protect your online identity and make a fast VPN connection.

How do I setup VPN on Android?

Nowadays, to setup a VPN on Android you have to make a few easy steps.
So, how to setup a VPN for Android?

1) Download free VPN at
2) Install secure VPN to your device
3) Launch uVPN from your screen
4) Connect to any protected VPN server

Done! From now on you have a hidden IP address, safe public wi-fi connection and encrypted data. Secure VPN service will take good care of you!