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What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network and connects you to a server in any country you choose. It provides Internet access from that server and not directly from your device or computer. All sites, apps and services will consider you as a user from the chosen country.

When using a VPN you can:

  • hide your location
  • secure your device or computer
  • surf the Internet with no restrictions otherwise applicable to your actual location

uVPN provides all of the above and even more. 

uVPN is a software program based on VPN technology that allows you to surf the Internet freely and securely. It is a fast, secure and simple VPN with many benefits in the current world. Has your government blocked access to some apps, sites or information? The Netflix library is missing your favorite series in your country? Do you want more privacy and security surfing the Internet? uVPN can resolve any of the issues.

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