Chrome Extension

Download Chrome VPN Extension


This is a great solution to secure your internet connection through Google Chrome with uVPN. Using uVPN extension for Google Chrome you can access any blocked content in your country or location while remaining completely safe. It has never been so easy to unlock prohibited content – it only takes one click. VPN turns your desire into reality!

Download and Adding

  1. Open uVPN Windows download page
  2. Click on download and then push add.
  3. A new window has opened in your Chrome, go there.
  4. Enter your real mail address and password.
  5. Congratulations! Now your Internet connection is safe and you can enjoy everything that is planned.

How to use VPN Extension

It’s time for the first launch of VPN extension!

  1. Open uVPN extension in the top-right corner of  Google Chrome browser.
  2. Enter your data (login and password) in empty fields. If you are a new user, then create yourself an uVPN account just clicking on JOIN.
  3. After sign up into the extension with login and password, select the location or streaming you need in the list at the bottom of the extension.
  4. Wait until the location or streaming you need is connected.
  5. Now your Google Chrome can work under reliable protection. You can also view and use what you want not afraid of losing your data and files.


The server maintenance will be carried out on March 04

The server maintenance will be carried out on March 04, from 05:00 AM to 07:00 AM UTC.